DRAKE A17-A22 Match Competition Long Range Tactical Rifle


DRAKE A17/A22 Match Competition Long Range Tactical Rifle

The Drake A17 / A22 chassis rifle has been designed to further improve on the 2016 NRA rifle of the year, with the intent to meet the discerning needs of the Precision Rifle Shooter (PRS), Varmint Hunters and young shooters learning marksmanship fundamentals.

The host rifle is a Savage® A17 or A22 that is dropped into a custom fitted Drake A17 / A22 Monolithic design rifle chassis. Drakes forward, out of the box planning, considered restrictive state firearms laws regarding semi auto rifles with pistol grips, that resulted in our A17 / A22 flexible design.

Drake Associates A17/A22 Match Competition Long Range Tactical Rifle

This chassis has the ability to switch between a traditional AR style pistol grip and a more traditional rifle stock design, making this chassis option restrictive state complaint.

Additional design features include MAGPUL® M LOK attachment points; a varying selection of colors in both Cerakote and Mil Spec anodization, improved magazine tolerances over factory stocks and a night vision hood interface channel. Complete drop in compatibility requires no modification to factory barreled action.

Additionally, Drake has designed a 16” heavy barreled variant, further increasing the performance of the hard hitting .17 HMR cartridge.
Running a gauntlet ranging from young shooters to Combat Experienced Military Snipers, the DRAKE A17 / A22 TACTICAL COMPETITION CHASSIS RIFLE has proven to be a well accepted and truly enjoyable rifle to shoot.


DRAKE A17 / A22 TACTICAL COMPETITION CHASSIS ONLY OPTION can be purchased separate for current A17 / A22 owners. This will give current owners the ability to upgrade their A17 / A22 rifles to this current configuration.


Savage Arms A22 Pro Varmint Rifle

Picture of a Savage Arms A22 Pro Varmint .22 Rifle

Savage Arms A22 Pro Varmint .22 LR Rifle 47217

Savage is clearly looking to steal some potential Ruger 10/22 customers with their A17 and A22 series rifles. Time will tell if Savage poses an actual threat or not. This brings us to this post of the A22 Pro Varmint Rifle. At $300 street price your getting a light weight Boyds stock, fluted 22 inch barrel, picatinny railed receiver and an Accu-Trigger. Currently the reviews are a little mixed. The stock is lighter than some expect, the trigger needs some polishing and some examples need to barrel channel sanded slightly to make it free float. The magazine complaints are resolved using Butler Creek BCA22LR25 25 round Savage A22 Magazines. The good with this .22 beside the price point is the accuracy. Many early reviews reporting great accuracy with quality target ammunition and the aforementioned issues addressed.

I think one miss on Savage’s part is the lack of a threaded barrel. I also wonder why not simply design the gun to use 10/22 magazines instead of their legacy unpopular design. Note: The Butler Creek .22LR magazines don’t remain in stock long, act fast when you find them. 

I’m tempted to buy an A22 Pro Varmint and replace the Boyd’s stock with a Drake A17/A22 Tactical Competition Chassis.

Savage Arms A22 Pro Varmint 

The Savage ’A Series has proven itself for reliability and accuracy. Now shooters have an even more effective option with the A22 Pro Varmint. The rifle’s Boyds Pro Varmint rifle stock provides superior ergonomics and a light weight, extremely stable platform for the fluted heavy barrel. A one-piece Picatinny rail and user-adjustable AccuTrigger allow shooters to tailor the rifle to their exact needs, and the 10-round rotary magazine offers fast cycling. The straight-blowback action ensures safe and consistent cycling.

Savage Arms A22 Pro Varmint Features

  • Boyds Pro Varmint black stock
  • One-piece Picatinny rail
  • Heavy carbon steel barrel with straight fluting
  • Straight-blowback semi-automatic action
  • User-adjustable AccuTrigger
  • 10-round rotary magazine

Savage Arms A22 Pro Varmint Specifications

SKU Number47217
ActionSemi Auto
Barrel ColorBlued
Barrel FinishSatin
Barrel FlutingStraight
Barrel Length22″
Barrel TypeHeavy
Caliber22 LR
Magazine Capacity10 Rounds
Length of Pull In13.8″
MagazineDetachable Box Magazine
Overall Length41.5″
Rate of Twist16
Receiver ColorBlued
Receiver FinishSatin
Receiver MaterialCarbon Steel
Stock MaterialHardwood
Threaded BarrelYes
Weight Lb7.3



Picture of a RUGER 10/22 TACTICAL ATI AR-22


The Ruger 10/22 Tactical 21144 not to be confused with earlier version of the 10/22 tactical is Rugers attempt at offering a rifle that looks like an AR-22 but is a 10/22 at heart. That should equate to accurate and reliable but time will tell. From an appearance perspective I go from thinking it’s butt ugly to thinking it’s cool and I want one. It’s also interesting to note the rifle as it appears on the Ruger website does not look exactly like the model that’s for sale despite the same part number. In this case I trust Brownells picture that I have used for this post.

Download – RUGER 10/22 Tactical ATI AR-22 Autoloading Rifle Model 21144 Spec Sheet

Caliber: .22 Long Rifle-16.12″ cold hammer-forged barrel-1:16″ twist-Ruger Rapid Deploy sights-ATI collapsible stock-Positive, push-button, cross-bolt manual safety-Polymer trigger housing-Detachable 15 round rotary magazine-Overall length: 36″


  • Legendary action, a tried and true Ruger design, ensures consistent, reliable performance.
  • Cold hammer-forged barrel is locked into the receiver by a unique, two-screw, V-block system.
  • Positive, push-button, cross-bolt manual safety.
  • Easy-to-use extended magazine release provides smooth, no-fuss removal of flush-mounted magazine.
  • Heat-stabilized, glass-filled, polymer trigger housing assembly is precision made of high-tech material for improved manufacturing tolerances, impact and abrasion-resistance and an unmatched ability to withstand the elements.


Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR

Picture of a Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR

Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Video

Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR

When working on our other websites I often communicate with manufacturers. Towards the end of a conversation I will almost always inquire about something .22 related whether a new rifle barrel or something else rimfire related. The response is usually along the lines we have some ideas or plans in the works but we are swamped with AR manufacturing. Now the market is saturated and companies are looking for new hardware to deliver to the shooting masses. I knew it would be just a matter of time before we would see a factory bolt action chassis rifle from someone. What I didn’t expect was Ruger to be first with their Precision Rimfire chambered in .22lr.

I don’t need to rehash what’s known about the rifle, that can be read below. I will say I think the gun is a bit homely but form must follow function. Of course I bet it won’t belong before MDT or Indian Creek offer aftermarket chassis for this gun. If Ruger nailed it in the accuracy dept this $500 rifle can turn out to be quite a success and maybe the start of a trend from other manufacturers. Time will tell. I have two final thoughts. How long until the Ruger Precision Rimfire is available on other calibers like .17HMR and .22 magnum and will Ruger make a chassis version of the 10/22? What are your thoughts? Enter them in the comment area at the bottom of the page.

Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR Details

Molded, one-piece chassis and adjustable buttstock assembly are manufactured with glass-filled nylon for strength, stiffness and stability, making a solid foundation for accuracy each and every shot. Adjustable buttstock features a flat Picatinny bag rider making it easy to affix a rear monopod. A molded-in window provides a tether point for your squeeze bag, and a metal QD pocket makes it easy to secure a sling

Quick-Fit adjustable Precision Rimfire stock allows length of pull and comb height to be quickly and easily adjusted to get proper fit over a wide range of shooter sizes, outerwear and shooting positions. Indicating marks molded into the chassis help you quickly return to a previous position.

Big-Gun bolt throw adjustment enables shooters to change from a rimfire 1-1/2” bolt throw to a short-action centerfire 3” bolt throw, reducing the chance of short-stroking your bolt in competition.

Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ trigger has a pull weight range of 2.25 to 5.0 pounds; adjusting wrench is stored in a buttstock compartment.

Ruger’s own AR-Pattern pistol grip and safety selector incorporates an extended reach for maximum control and access to the 45 degree, reversible safety selector. May be configured with most AR-style grips and selectors.

Anodized Picatinny scope base includes 30 MOA elevation for increased long-range capabilities out of the box.

Oversized bolt handle for positive bolt manipulation (same as the Ruger Precision Rifle®).

15″ free-float handguard is made of hard black anodized aluminum and features Magpul® M-LOK® slots on all four sides, for improved scope clearance and easy mounting of M-LOK-compatible rails and accessories.

18″ target barrel is cold hammer-forged from 4140 alloy steel to create ultra precise rifling for excellent accuracy. Barrels can be replaced easily by a competent gunsmith using AR-style wrenches and headspace gauges.

Threaded barrel (1/2″-28) for standard muzzle accessories, like the Silent-SR® suppressor, comes with a factory-installed thread protector covering both the threads and crown.

Accepts all 10/22® magazines. Also includes: one, 15-round BX-15® magazine. Model 8401 ships with two, 10-round BX-1 magazines.





The Rifle Basix CZ452 Custom Rifle Trigger allows a large range of pull weight adjustment that’s ideal for competition or hunting with your CZ 452. Trigger pull weight can be safely adjusted from a crisp, light, 12 oz. for competition rifles up to 3 lb. for small game hunting. Includes new trigger spring, pivot pins, nickel plated trigger lever, and optional sear adjustment screw for creep adjustment. Installation requires use of factory safety, replaces factory trigger assembly with no alterations to rifle.

SPECS: Steel trigger, nickel plated, silver finish. Adjusts from 12 oz. (340g) to 3 lb. (1.3kg).

Rifle Basix CZ452 Custom Trigger Installation Instructions


Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions | 22 Action

Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions

This is the line Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions.  They all are designed for the popular 22LR cartridge. They range in use from competition 22 rimfire benchrest to tactical trainers to hunting. The 2500XS meets Sporter class IR50/50 rules, but will not feed well from the magazine.

Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions

Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions

The Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions 2500X actions are Stiller Precision Rimfire’s attempt at perfection.  No stone was left unturned for this line of actions.  The processes and steps that occur in the manufacture of these are bordering on being ridiculous.  We start with the finest stress relieved 416R steel.  We gun drill, pull ream with barrel type bore reamers and OD turn the blanks to an oversize dimension.  At that point some of the machining happens.  We then heat treat the parts, stress relieve them and then GRIND the OD to the ID.  The threads and face are then put in and engraved.  The parts then go to Melonite to surface harden, make slick and black.  They are then re-ground again and the OD is held within 0.001 diameter, straightness and roundness.  It also gives the attractive black lettering on the perfectly ground surface.  All the internal parts are made in similar fashions.

The ignition system is a culmination of all the designs out there with all their issues fixed.  No other action completely controls all the angular misalignment and rubbing points like this one does.  The firing pin is guided internally in the bolt such that the only contact points are the pin in the front and a small section in the rear near the cocking piece.  The bolt shroud is located in the body by a pin that perfectly centers the cocking piece in the trigger such that good consistent contact is made to the trigger sear.  The shroud is then located to the front bolt half with a setscrew into a spot to perfectly align the pinholes for the firing pin.

Other features include easy loading, choice of removable bolt knobs, trigger hanger for popular Remington pattern triggers, Wire EDM cut extractors from tool steel and most importantly, tolerances that are hardly measurable.  The 2500X and 2500XS are available in RBRP and RBLP configurations.  The bolt pattern on the bottom is the same as the Turbo, but the front is slightly longer.  The 2500XS uses a Sako magazine.  It is very lightweight and aimed SPECIFICALLY FOR THE BENCHREST SPORTER CLASS.  Don’t try to really use this as a repeater.  Feeding from the magazine causes issues and is not recommended and we will not accept responsibility for anyone using it in this manner.