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Ruger Precision Rimfire 22LR

When working on our other websites I often communicate with manufacturers. Towards the end of a conversation I will almost always inquire about something .22 related whether a new rifle barrel or something else rimfire related. The response is usually along the lines we have some ideas or plans in the works but we are swamped with AR manufacturing. Now the market is saturated and companies are looking for new hardware to deliver to the shooting masses. I knew it would be just a matter of time before we would see a factory bolt action chassis rifle from someone. What I didn’t expect was Ruger to be first with their Precision Rimfire chambered in .22lr. I don’t need to rehash what’s know about the rifle, that can be read below. I will say I think the gun is a bit homely but form must follow function. Of course I bet it won’t belong before MDT or Indian Creek offer aftermarket chassis for this gun. If Ruger nailed it in the accuracy dept this $500 rifle can turn out to be quite a success and maybe the start of a trend from other manufacturers. Time will tell. I have two final thoughts. How long until the Ruger Precision Rimfire is available on other calibers like .17HMR and .22 magnum and will Ruger make a chassis version of the 10/22? What are your thoughts? Enter them in the comment area at the bottom of the page.

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The Rifle Basix CZ452 Custom Rifle Trigger allows a large range of pull weight adjustment that’s ideal for competition or hunting with your CZ 452. Trigger pull weight can be safely adjusted from a crisp, light, 12 oz. for competition rifles up to 3 lb. for small game hunting. Includes new trigger spring, pivot pins, nickel plated trigger lever, and optional sear adjustment screw for creep adjustment. Installation requires use of factory safety, replaces factory trigger assembly with no alterations to rifle. SPECS: Steel trigger, nickel plated, silver finish. Adjusts from 12 oz. (340g) to 3 lb. (1.3kg).

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Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions | 22 Action

The Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions 2500X actions are Stiller Precision Rimfire’s attempt at perfection. No stone was left unturned for this line of actions. The processes and steps that occur in the manufacture of these are bordering on being ridiculous. We start with the finest stress relieved 416R steel. We gun drill, pull ream with barrel type bore reamers and OD turn the blanks to an oversize dimension. At that point some of the machining happens. We then heat treat the parts, stress relieve them and then GRIND the OD to the ID. The threads and face are then put in and engraved. The parts then go to Melonite to surface harden, make slick and black. They are then re-ground again and the OD is held within 0.001 diameter, straightness and roundness. It also gives the attractive black lettering on the perfectly ground surface. All the internal parts are made in similar fashions.

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JP Rifles JP-22R 22 AR15 | JP 22 AR-15

JP Rifles JP-22R 22 AR15 – With the price of centerfire .223 ammunition where it is, some are looking for an inexpensive practice solution that can match the size and weight of a real centerfire rig. Others would just like to have a very high-quality AR-compatible system in .22 LR for recreational shooting in situations or venues that do not allow the centerfire option. Wherever your need comes from, we finally offer a .22 LR conversion compatible with any of our small-frame receivers, including side-charging models.

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HK G36 22LR – The HK G36 5.56x45mm rifle was designed in the early 1990s as a replacement for the heavier 7.62mm G3 battle rifle. It was accepted into service in German armed forces and is used as an in infantry gun in a large number of countries. This genuine rimfire replica offers all the excitement of the original in cost effective .22 L.R. caliber. The HK G36 Semi-Automatic Rifle in .22 L.R. is manufactured exclusively by Walther under license from HK. It is the only genuine HK tactical rimfire replica available in the world.

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KIDD Innovation 10 22 Project | Tony KIDD 10 22

KIDD Innovation 10 22 – We recently added a page for our KIDD Innovation 10 22 project. The project was based on using absolutely zero Ruger 10/22 parts. The action, trigger, barrel and receiver are 100 percent KIDD Innovation. The rifle features an SWR silence, Leupold rimfire scope, Volquartsen 10/22 stock, Harris Bipod and Warne Maxima QD Rings. Click here to visit that page for details and additional pictures.

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