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This book is the latest gun owners manual from Walt Kuleck. The Ruger 10/22 Complete Owner’s and Assembly Guide is like the other Walt Kuleck Guides. This time Walt Kuleck provides the Ruger 10/22 and 10/22 clone owners a head start towards an in-depth understanding of the history, operation, maintenance, upgrading and use of the 10 22 rifle, while providing the experienced owner knowledge that they don’t yet have, with the intent of giving even the expert new insights into the Ruger 10/22. read more

Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions

The Stiller Precision Rimfire Actions 2500X actions are Stiller Precision Rimfire's attempt at perfection. No stone was left unturned for this line of actions. The processes and steps that occur in the manufacture of these are bordering on being ridiculous. We start with the finest stress relieved 416R steel. We gun drill, pull ream with barrel type bore reamers and OD turn the blanks to an oversize dimension. At that point some of the machining happens. We then heat treat the parts, stress relieve them and then GRIND the OD to the ID. The threads and face are then put in and engraved. The parts then go to Melonite to surface harden, make slick and black. They are then re-ground again and the OD is held within 0.001 diameter, straightness and roundness. It also gives the attractive black lettering on the perfectly ground surface. All the internal parts are made in similar fashions. read more


ANSCHUTZ MSR RX22 22LR BLACKHAWK - Match-grade accuracy in a modern-sporting-rifle package make the Anschutz RX22 Black Hawk Semiautomatic Rimfire Rifle excellent for small-game hunting, plinking and target shooting read more


High Tower Armory 90/22, 10 22 PS90 STOCK is a compact, maneuverable stock kit for the Ruger® 10/22® which utilizes a bullpup design for superior balance and ergonomics. This incredibly durable, polymer stock will reduce the overall length of most 10/22®’s to about 26 1/2 inches, just over the federally required minimum length for rifles. read more

Volquartsen VM 22 RIFLE

Volquartsen VM 22 RIFLE features a Superlite Barreled Action fitted to a Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock. This combination makes for an incredibly well balanced rifle suited for offhand or benchrest shooting. This combination is not only extremely accurate but also a very lightweight, versatile rifle. read more


CMMG MK4 HT 22 AR15 UPPER RECEIVER - the CMMG MK4 HT dedicated .22 LR AR15 FLATTOP UPPER RECEIVER lets you do live-fire training with affordable rimfire ammo while retaining the weight, balance, and feel of your rifle. Replace your existing upper with the AR22, load the included Black Dog .22 LR magazine, and you’re ready to shoot. You practice with your existing trigger and fire control components, so the trigger pull feels the same. The mil-spec receiver has a standard MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail, charging handle, forward assist (non-functioning), and ejection port cover. Inside, the standard bolt/carrier assembly is replaced by a dedicated “bolt rail” of hardened tool steel with a blowback operated stainless steel bolt inside. Both components are built to run hard and handle the abuse of long practice sessions. M4 has the appearance and weight of a USGI M4 upper, with correct contour barrel, standard M4 handguard, A2-type flash hider, and a gas block/front sight tower with bayonet lug, sling loop, and square front sight post. read more

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