CMMG 22 Barrel and Bolt Kit

Sep 27, 2019 | AR-15 22LR Conversion

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Picture of a CMMG 22 Barrel and Bolt Kit

CMMG .22 Barrel & Bolt Kits

CMMG .22 Barrel & Bolt Kits, everything you need to convert your existing upper to a dedicated .22LR. Just purchase a magazine and you are ready to go. For best performance use a round style hammer as notched hammers can cause function issues and 36 grain plated nose bullets have proven to be the best choice for function.

Available from Brownells.

CMMG .22 Barrel & Bolt Kits

An Easy Conversion to .22 LR for Your Upper Receiver

In this Barrel and Bolt Group Kit, CMMG provides everything you need to convert your AR-15 into a dedicated .22 LR rimfire training platform.

The barrels measure 4.5″, 9″, 16.1″ and 20″ inches long and are machined from 4140 chrome-moly steel, complete with a salt-bath nitride finish and a medium-taper profile. The barrels are optimized with a 1:16-inch twist that’s compatible with most .22 LR bullets on the market, but the system runs best with 36-grain round-nose bullets.

Each .22 LR Barrel and Bolt Group Kit from CMMG also features a .22 LR sporting chamber, as well as a threaded muzzle measuring 1/2-28 TPI thread pitch. CMMG recommends using a round-style hammer in place of a notched hammer to avoid function issues. The only other piece of the kit needed for a functioning system is a dedicated .22 LR magazine.