Kleinendorst Sling Swivel Drill Jig

Kleinendorst Sling Swivel Drill Jig

Filed under things I never knew existed is the Kleinendorst Sling Swivel Drill Jig. Through the old version of this site tactical22.net we take advantage of our relationship with Brownells to have a datafeed of all Brownells products.  These days it mostly irrelevant but every now and then a search reveals an interesting product and in this case Kleinendorst Sling Swivel Drill Jig

For Precise Alignment & Drilling Of Stock Swivel Stud Holes

Kleinendorst Sling Swivel Drill Jig maintains the proper drill bit alignment to ensure the correct location of the rear swivel stud hole. Fits any size stock and automatically self-centers for perfect stud hole alignment. Felt lining prevents marring finished stocks. Includes 5/32″ diameter carbon steel drill bit contains a special relief tip to help prevent wood splintering and break-out when drilling. Adjustable drill-depth indicator prevents drilling too deep and ruining the hole. For use with hand-held drill. Perfect for the high volume shop or beginner just starting out.

This steel and aluminum jig is used for drilling stocks to accept sling swivels, and is capable of handling material from 1″ to 5-1/2″ in diameter. The stepped drill bit includes a stop collar so that needless drilling is avoided.

Kleinendorst Sling Swivel Drill Jig Technical Information


  • Jig will hold material from 1″ to 5 1/2″
  • Step drill bit is 0.15″ in first section and 0.25″ in second section (and shaft)
  • Drill bit includes stop collar
  • Includes instructions
  • Jig is steel and aluminum



Kleinendorst Sling Swivel Drill Jig